[Samba] Accessing a samba share with authentication in a external LDAP server

Rafa Gallego rafag at telecable.es
Sun Dec 2 19:00:58 GMT 2007

I am running a samba server 3.0.* and I want users to be authenticated in a
external LDAP server on which I have no administrator privileges. The users
would be added to the system by means of the adduser command.

I have been reading lots of manuals and docs on the internet but the more I
read the more I get confused. 

What are the minimum lines I need to include in smb.conf for it to work?

Let us suppose that the parameters to access the LDAP server are:

The LDAP RDN, used to bind to the server:

Base DN:

Search filter:

Any help would be very welcome.


Rafa Gallego

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