[Samba] Samba tuning - ldapsam:trusted

Guilherme Sperb Machado gsmachado at gmail.com
Thu Aug 23 02:32:05 GMT 2007

Hey everybody...

I have a samba configured as PDC and LDAP installed in the same
machine. Ok. Everything is working correctly, but I want to enhance
the performance. So, I read that if I set the ldapsam:trusted option,
samba will directly communicate to ldap to get informations (not using
NSS anymore). So, I decided to put "ldapsam:trusted = yes" and "guest
account = nobody" in my config file. Therefore, everytime that I
start/restart samba server it complains about it (and remains

So, I don't know what should I do... because I already tried these steps:

# userdel nobody
# groupdel nobody
# smbldap-groupadd -g 65534 -o nobody
# smbldap-useradd -a -u 65534 -g 65534  -n -s /bin/false -d /  nobody

and I still can't start samba.

The user account nobody is used for a several applications as dhcpd
and others services in my box.  Can I use another account to set

I can post my config file if it's necessary... just ask me :)

Please, help me.

Thanks in Advance,
Guilherme _Machado_

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