[Samba] gencache.tdb going missing

Daniel O'Connor darius at dons.net.au
Thu Aug 23 02:06:51 GMT 2007

Hi everyone,
I'm having an odd issue with a Samba install - it starts SIGABORTing 
complaining that gencache.tdb has gone missing.. ie

[2007/08/09 12:52:50, 0] lib/util_tdb.c:tdb_log(662)
  tdb(/var/db/samba/gencache.tdb): tdb_reopen: open failed (No such file or directory)
[2007/08/09 12:52:50, 0] smbd/server.c:open_sockets_smbd(572)
  tdb_reopen_all failed.

If I recreate it and restart Samba it is happy (until it goes missing 

This is on FreeBSD 6.2 with the latest Samba port (samba-3.0.25a_1,1). I 
have a FreeBSD 6.2 box running samba-3.0.24,1 without issue.

I have the CUPS, Windbind, popt & utmp options set in the port.

I'm trying to catch it in the act but I wasn't working yesterday when it
happened and the log rolled over (argh.. )

Does anyone else see this?

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