[Samba] Issue joining a PC to a Samba domain from a subnet other the one that Samba PDC

Shaochun Wang scwang at ios.ac.cn
Mon Apr 30 09:02:08 GMT 2007


In order for PDC to work well, widows network must have the map between
IP and name. In the same subnet, this map can be built by using
broadcasting. But as you know, broadcasting can't come cross the
different subnet. This is the reason.

Microsoft way to solve this problem is using WINS server. WINS server
can be viewed as the DNS server in windows network. The following steps
set up WINS server for your network:

Step.1 add the following to your PDC samba config

	wins support = Yes

Step.2 configure your windows clients to use your PDC samba as its WINS

If you want to your windows network neighbour works as in the same
subnet, you need to add the following in your PDC samba config:

	remote announce = 192.168.x.x

By the way, the main function of PDC is solving the cross subnet

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