[Samba] major cifs bug in 2.6.19+?

Jason Haar Jason.Haar at trimble.co.nz
Sat Apr 28 04:52:30 GMT 2007

Hi there

(I've reported this to the linux-cifs list and received no response, so
now I'm trying here)

I just tried upgrading a CentOS-4.4 server we have from it's 2.6.18
kernel to 2.6.19 and then 2.6.20 - but in both cases it broke Linux cifs

We have a Win2K3 server that needs to be mounted under Linux, and under
2.6.18 (or WindowsXP/etc), a particular directory is accessible using
the particular account I'm using to mount it.

However, under 2.6.19/20, listing the directory instead returns the
parent directory's content!

e.g. under Windows or linux 2.6.18
"ls  parent"
1subdir/ 2subdir/ file1
"ls parent/1subdir/"
file2 file3

under 2.6.19/20
"ls parent"
1subdir/ 2subdir/  file1
"ls parent/1subdir"
1subdir 2subdir file1

Totally weird - totally BROKEN. Even weirder, if I use BASH's command
line completion support, doing "ls parent/1subdir/1sub<TAB>" works, then
works again, then actually shows the content of that sub-directory!
(i.e. "ls parent/1subdir/1subdir/1subdir" shows what "ls parent/1subdir"

I have seen this on this CentOS4.4 server running my own compiled
version of a "pure" 2.6.20 kernel, and am seeing it on my FC6
workstation as well as a FC7pre3 laptop.

Can anyone else confirm? This is a serious bug for us. Returning bogus
data is majorly worse than even a crash... (we're supposed to be
rsync'ing that data). We're sticking with 2.6.18 for the time being.



Jason Haar
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