[Samba] Accessing files on a domain-controled network

Steven Woody narkewoody at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 04:16:40 GMT 2007

On 4/27/07, Gary Dale <garydale at torfree.net> wrote:
> Steven Woody wrote:
> > hi,
> >
> > i am new to samba and it seemed that samba documents mainly focus on
> > how to setup a linux box as a samba server.  but i am now sitting in a
> > linux box and looking for a easy way to access a shared file folder on
> > a domain-controled network.  sorry for my no patience to read every
> > part of the document since i have to let this job done in today.
> >
> > the shared folder is something like:  \\serverA\share, and if i need
> > to access it from XP i need to login to our domain ( D ),  using my
> > user name( U ), and password ( P ).  my task is to, do the same
> > accessing from my linux box using same information above.  what do i
> > do?
> >
> > thanks in advance.
> >
> Here's what I use to access a share. I don't have it mounted
> automatically. Instead I type in mount /home/mnt/aux and I get prompted
> for the password. You can remove the noauto and include a password in
> the /etc/fstab file line for the share but that isn't exactly secure.
> Note that the filesystem type is cifs. This is similar to smbfs but cifs
> is maintained.  :)
> //hyperzip/aux$                 /home/mnt/aux   cifs
> noauto,user,rw,user=garydale   0   0
> You can also look at authenticating against a domain controller for a
> single sign-on. Check the samba.org howtos and by example documents for
> details on how to do this. It's not supposed to be too tricky. I've just
> never gotten to it.  :)
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so, i use the similar setting as yours,

put a line in fstab,

//foohost/backup  /mnt/aux  cifs noauto,user,rw,user=me  0  0

then i do 'mount /mnt/aux', but got following error,

mount error: could not find target server. TCP name foohost/backup not found
No ip address specified and hostname not found

and, smbcliet -L //foohost will report 'Connection to foohost failed.

what's the clue?


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