[Samba] question re multiple backends and the 'guest' backend

J Xu janix2000 at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Apr 26 14:05:05 GMT 2007

>> We also removed the support foir multiple passdb
backends in latest
>> versions of samba IIRC, so passdb backend should
never list more than 1
>> backend.
> Does this means it's not possible anymore to have
most users coming 
> from an LDAP server, and to have additional "local"
users (because 
> they can't be added to the LDAP server which is
managed by other 
> people, for example) ? 
> If this is not possible anymore this sucks.

I am exactly in the situation as Jerome described. I
keep most of samba users in an ldap database while
still maintain a few users locally. This gave me the
flexibility that those users do not depend on ldap.

I checked the release notes, the support for multiple
backends in a chained configuration was dropped since
v3.0.23. This is really bad as we planned to upgrade
to Debian etch which has v3.0.24 (I tested and can
confirm that mixing multiple backends together is not

Just wonder if there is any sound reason why this
feature is dropped, other than maybe making adding
users/groups/machines comlicated for a PDC
configuration? Is there any plan to re-enable this
feature sometime later?



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