[Samba] Re: Odd problem with samba v.3.0.20b

Jason Gray jason at bardel.ca
Wed Apr 25 18:20:05 GMT 2007

> Andreas Oster wrote:

> |   novaws20 ( couldn't find service aoste
> |
> | The last five messages are the relavant ones. The share mentioned
> | (aoster) is the home share of user aoster. This not only happens with
> | the home share but with all other configured shares. The last letter
> | seems to truncated.
> |
> | Does anybody have a similar/same problem ?
> This is a Windows 2000 client bug.  The client then
> tryies again with the corrcet name.

Would this also affect XP clients?  It seems more like a cosmetic issue (the log
file gets clogged up).  I have the same problem on my servers.



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