[Samba] LDAP, tdbsam, and profiles

Peter Matulis petermatulis at yahoo.ca
Thu Apr 19 13:14:08 GMT 2007

--- Gary Dale <garydale at torfree.net> wrote:

> Peter Matulis wrote:
> > I have a new PDC ready to replace an older one (which is using LDAP
> > locally).  The new one will be using tdbsam.
> >
> > I plan to first change LDAP on the existing system to the tdbsam
> > backend and ensure proper functioning.  I understand I can use the
> > pdbedit tool to make this change.  Comments?
> >   
> Why switch? Why not migrate everything to the new PDC? LDAP allows
> you 
> to use multiple domain controllers and keep them synchronized, which 
> gives you a greater degree of safety during the move to the new
> domain controller.

Because the setup is not big enough to warrant LDAP (only 20 users).  I
also did not set up the LDAP so I don't want an unknown config in my
new setup.

> > At this point I would like to ask how profiles (which will be
> stored
> > locally on the clients) will be affected by logging on to the
> > subsequently new PDC.  The docs say that I need to import data from
> the
> > old system to the new (again using pdbedit) but if the current
> system
> > uses the backend only for authentication why does this need to be
> done?
> >  How does the backend influence local profiles?
> >   
> If you aren't using roaming profiles, then you only need to move the 
> account data, login scripts, etc..

By account data you mean usernames and passwords?

Without exporting any "account data", on a test client I logged in to
the new PDC and I got a totally blank desktop (with the exception of
the trash can).  I'm not using roaming profiles.  I don't understand
this result.  Can someone clarify?


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