[Samba] successor of 'printer admin'

thomas thomas at motd.at
Thu Apr 19 12:37:00 GMT 2007

Hello list

last week we upgraded a 2.2 samba installation to the latest
3.024 release (with CUPS as printing backend).

till now we granted some users the right to cancel printer
queues from others with 'printer admin = printadmins' in smb.conf.
I read through the changes-list and realized that 'printer admin' 
is now deprecated.

I read through the Samba-book, the Howto-sections but did not find
(or maybe overlooked) what the preferred way in Samba-3.024 is, to
grant some users 'printer admin' rights.
I am quite confused, if this is done by 
$ net groupmap add ntgroup='Builtin Print Operators' \
unixgroup=printadmins rid=550 
or by
$ net rpc rights grant SePrintOperatorPrivilege 'printadmins'

Or am completely off the track?


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