[Samba] hide directories?

Klemens Lichter csl at lichter.de
Mon Apr 16 12:36:32 GMT 2007

is there a possibility to hide directories from to bee seen from a windows

I have a samba share containing several directories. Some of them have
permissions only for a privileged group of users (group special) and some
others are allowed for all users (group users) and some for a special
subgroup of users (group subusers). What I want is that only members of
group special are able to see the existence of those directories that are
only accessible for them and also only members of subgroup are able to see
the existence of their directories. I was used to have this comfort on our
prevoius novell netware server and I think this is a great feature of
security. People that don´t see the existence of certain directories or
files don´t ask for them and don´t think about why they can´t access them.

Please feel free to ask for more information if you need them to answer my

Thanks in advance

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