[Samba] Any pointers for multiple subnets?

Mark Adams mark at campbell-lange.net
Wed Apr 11 21:45:34 GMT 2007

Hi Nathan

> Thanks for your interest. In reply to your question, the answer is
> yes. Both the linux machines are on both the LANs. Both are browseable
> from Windows clients in both networks by \\netbiosname and \\ipaddress

To confirm, You can connect across these subnets with netbios or ip, but
only browsing through "My Network Places" does not work? and the only
shares you are trying to browse for are the samba shares on your linux
box? if not do the windows based shares show?

Have you set the workgroup in the samba config? or are you choosing
'View Entire Network' when browsing through My network places?

> .
> My intent is to have a client from to browse
> windows network (and vice versa) using my linux box as
> gateway. Is this possible?

This might interest you, I'm not sure how old it is.


> I'm also not sure if this is an iptables problem or a samba problem.
> Thanks,
> Nandan


> On 4/11/07, Mark Adams <mark at campbell-lange.net> wrote:
> >> With this setup, some things work as desired. I am able to connect to
> >> (Email server) from after setting my linux box
> >> as the gateway. Vice versa, I am able to connect to (Email
> >> server) from by setting (my linux box's IP on
> >> outside LAN).
> >>
> >> I am beginning to think so far so good. But, Windows networking does
> >> not follow suit. I am not able to browse the network when these settings
> >> are active.
> >>
> >> What gives? My guess is I will be castigated for rushing with an email
> >> before reading the Archives.
> >>
> >> But hope springs eternal. Regards,
> >>
> >> Nandan
> >
> >Can you browse to \\ip.of.samba.box and see the shares?
> >
> >>
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