[Samba] Samba kills network.

Tom Peters tpeters at mixcom.com
Sat Apr 7 14:44:36 GMT 2007

At 10:14 AM 4/7/2007 +0200, C.Scheeder wrote:
>Tom Peters schrieb:
>>By the way, I was hoping this would be significant: If I refresh my view 
>>of a Samba share on the XP box by pressing F5 or clicking View-->Refresh, 
>>so that there is some recent activity on that share, and then begin the 
>>copy operation immediately, e.g. within 20 seconds, the copy operation 
>>always succeeds.
>This makes me beleave it's a problem of your XP-installation.
>Please give it a try to boot with a knoppix or another live-cd and then 
>test if the problems are reproduceable or not.
>>Roots <roots0 at gmail.com> is that true for you as well?
>>The files I am copying tend to be medium-large: 180 mb to 900 mb. But 
>>even with small files I've had it do the same thing.
>>At 10:00 AM 4/6/2007 +0200, C.Scheeder wrote:
>>>you missed to tell us the version of samba you are using, and the
>>>Software/OS of the client you are trying to copy your files from.
>>Yes, sorry, I realized after that we had not discussed versions or etc. 
>>Of course I don't know what versions Roots <roots0 at gmail.com> but I have 
>>3.0.9-2.3 of Samba here. I know it's pretty old.
>and your kernelversion is?


>>>I never had any problems moving large files around using w98/W2k/XP
>>>boxes to and from the samba-servers i maintain (roundabout 12 machines),
>>>except when bad/dying hardware/software was involved.
>>>have you tried from another client?
>>Yes. Similar issues result from another XP Pro box.
>>>have you updated ALL your clients drivers (not only the Nic's drivers)
>>>to the latest versions?
>Ok as you have tryend from two clients, that shouldn't be a problem,
>as i guess they have diffrentz Hardware.
>>>have you checked if there are corrupted packets on your network 
>>>("ifconfig eth1" shows you statistics off packets on your server)
>>It's eth0 for me. Out of 95 million packets received the errors counts 
>>are: 1 error, 7 overruns, 1 frame, 0 dropped.
>>For 102.77 million packet sent, I have zero errors of any kind, zero 
>>collisions, txqueue length 1000.
>OK, that is bad. You should not get errors here with modern Hardware.
>I checked the servers i can lay my hands on from here, and they have no 
>errors, nada. (one of them with over 300 million packets send and 
>received, and 5 other with lower counts, probably caused by wrapping counters.)
>>>have you replaced any peace of hardware inbetween the server and the
>>No. Well, yes, but it made no difference. I swapped my SMC 10/100/1000 
>>switch out for a 3Com SmartStack 10/100.
>>I did however try a crossover cable some time ago. The same results 
>>(errors) occur.
>Did you try and replace the NIC's in the clients and the server?
>I have seen strange things happen with partly damaged/dying NIC's.
>Even defekt onboard NIC's on brand new motherboards.
>>>(if you don't have a spare-switch, connect client and server via an 
>>>has your switch updateable firmware? if yes, have you updated it to the
>>>latest version?
>>I checked. There is no later version available for the SMC.
>>>try to boot knoppix on the client and smbmount the shares then test if 
>>>then copying works.
>>>Make shure your server is the masterbrowser at any time.
>>The os level is set to 33, which is supposed to make sure of that.
>SUPPOSED, i've seen XP-computers steal the Masterbrowser-role even from
>a samba server with os-level set to 255, took me half a Day to find the
>machine and punish the user for having installed tcp-ip, netbios and
>netware-protokoll on the machine.
>>>make shure ALL unused network connections in your clients are disabled. 
>>>(like ieee1394-network, or dvb-network, unused WLAN-Connetions and what 
>>>the hell modern windows versions think of devices being able to do networking)

Hmmm.... The 1394 connection was bound to Client for Microsoft Windows, 
Service Advertising Protocol, File and Printer Sharing for MS Networks, and 
Internet protocol.

I don't anticipate using the 1394 connection for anything soon, so I 
cleared the checkboxes for most of that. SAP is greyed-out, can't change 
that one.

My first attempt to copy files to a samba drive failed immediately, just as 
before. Perhaps a therapeutic reboot is necessary.

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