[Samba] Re: Using Special Characters

sambalist.20.jisme at spamgourmet.com sambalist.20.jisme at spamgourmet.com
Fri Apr 6 08:42:55 GMT 2007

C.Scheeder wrote:
> sambalist.20.jisme at spamgourmet.com schrieb:
>> Hi,
>> I want to shares files over samba with names like "M*A*S*H - Episode" 
>> or "Aesop And Son: Episode" but have found it hasn't worked that well.
>> I added mangled names = no to smb.conf so the name is not mangled and 
>> what happens is the full name is included in a directory listing but I 
>> can't read the file.
>> There were a few times it did work so I want to know if anyone knows 
>> how to make it always work.
>> My clients are CIFS in Linux and Windows XP.
>> Justin
> Hi,
> Simple Answer:
> there are a few special characters you must not use in filenames when 
> windows is involved. They have special meaning in windows and are
> not allowed in filenames.
> Period.
> your examples contain 2 of them "*" and ":".
> these characters are simply illegal in widows/cifs/smb filenames.
> Christoph

I know these characters are not allowed in Windows file systems but I 
don't think that means SMB file names should be restricted (or at least 
not for linux clients).
Anyways I'm mostly just using this Linux to Linux so if their isn't any 
way to do this, I guess I could just use NFS instead.

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