[Samba] Using Special Characters

C.Scheeder samba at scheeder.de
Fri Apr 6 08:15:53 GMT 2007

sambalist.20.jisme at spamgourmet.com schrieb:
> Hi,
> I want to shares files over samba with names like "M*A*S*H - Episode" or 
> "Aesop And Son: Episode" but have found it hasn't worked that well.
> I added mangled names = no to smb.conf so the name is not mangled and 
> what happens is the full name is included in a directory listing but I 
> can't read the file.
> There were a few times it did work so I want to know if anyone knows how 
> to make it always work.
> My clients are CIFS in Linux and Windows XP.
> Justin
Simple Answer:
there are a few special characters you must not use in filenames when 
windows is involved. They have special meaning in windows and are
not allowed in filenames.
your examples contain 2 of them "*" and ":".
these characters are simply illegal in widows/cifs/smb filenames.


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