[Samba] problems creating a share with SWAT

Davide Cervella - BiElle srl d.cervella at bielle.it
Tue Apr 3 11:03:26 GMT 2007

DuWayne Holsbeck wrote:

> Enerything seems to work, except for creating new shares. The shares
> are defined in the smb.conf file, and testparm shows the share.
> Problem is, the directory is not created. [...] Any suggestions of
> how to trouble shoot, or fix the problem would be greatly
> appreciated.

I don't think that directory creation should be a swat job...

You may want to create a samba share to give your administrators full
access to the filesystem designed to be shared through samba, so they
can create directory by the usual right-click.

Like this:

     path = /home/samba
     write list = @admins
     [or some other way to restrict access, including umasks]

     path = /home/samba/folder1

They then can create shares by swat specifying the new folder created,
prefixed by '/home/samba'.


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