[Samba] hello and question on Mac OS X Server use of Samba

Jaime Magiera jaime at sensoryresearch.net
Mon Sep 25 20:31:03 GMT 2006


I'm new to the list (and samba). It's a great technology and I look  
forward to learning more about it.

I have an OS X Server that utilizes the built-in Samba to allow for  
Windows client connectivity. The OSXS gets the majority of its users  
from an LDAP server elsewhere on the campus.

On OSXS, it's expected that the Windows users will be local or that  
the server will be a KDC or that the server will be bound to an AD.  
Regrettably, my server is not bound not an AD, nor is it a Kerberos  
KDC for the University and the users are not local but from the  
campus-wide LDAP server.

The only option I can think of for Windows clients to use Samba is to  
re-kerberize the Samba service itself to the University KDC. I can  
get the keytabs. However, I've been told by folks on other lists that  
there on some tweaks on OSXS that make Samba configuration a little  

Does anyone here have experience (re)kerberizing Samba on an OSX  
Server? Or any suggestions how I could solve this conundrum I'm in?  
Or, if I'm misunderstanding something about how Samba works?

any help greatly appreciated,


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