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Kostya Berger bergerkos at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Sep 25 20:12:15 GMT 2006

Well, it seems, I've got it at last ...
But, my, it's far from being easy, to tell ye the truth!
Perhaps, I didn't really need to install HPLIP? And Foomatic?

As a matter of fact, I had all sorts of problems mentioned in various 
UNANSWERED mailing list threads while trying to organize driver upload to MS 
Win2000 hosts; ended up in "Quota limit reached" and no printing even with 
super-SUPER-user privilleges. Wanna share some solutions, you know; if any of 
you guys are being tormented by any of these problems, here is how I did it:

1)If your printer share is not visible in Konqueror's smb:// view, it still 
can be visible from Windows explorer; nothing to worry about.

2)installing drivers for upload via "rpcclient -adddriver" command ended 
up(after all) first in WERR_BADFILE, then in WERR_UNKNOWN_PRINTER_DRIVER and 
nothing could be done about the latter one. 

3)Thankfully, for CUPS we have "cupsaddsmb -U root ..." command to install the 
uploadable Windows drivers;  just a bit stumbled at 
"NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE", which taught me a valuable lesson:
it won't heart to get yourself a SAMBA password when working with SAMBA! Even 
if you think you are a "root" and even have the root password...

4)When at last all was set, the drivers installed and EVEN uploaded 
on-demand(!!!) , the nasty thing refused to print: "ERROR: Quota limit 
reached". Such message appeared at localhost:631 (print test page). After 
about 2 hours of ... I noticed that "lpstat -p" didn't really show my  
printer, to which the last week of my life was entirely dedicated!
So, a very simple operation of reinstalling the printer via web-interface 
(setting /dev/lp0 instead of /dev/parport0) did it.
What do I care now, if the driver upload (alas!) stopped working after that? 

Even all the Win2000 machines (not even talking about the XP monsters) now can 
print via SAMBA, and my SUSE-10.1 laptop -- via CUPS!!!!!

It seems, things are easier printing from some Win2000 host. Where can I read 
about the advantages of CUPS in a short and understandable way?
I mean, I beleive in CUPS, just how can I explain it to others?
Thank everyone for help and patience, sorry for taking so much space.

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