[Samba] file locking question

Michael Gasch gasch at eva.mpg.de
Sun Sep 24 16:37:44 GMT 2006


i think this is one reason why "kernel oplocks" has been integrated but 
i´m not sure if this always works 100%.


Greg Lehmann wrote:
> Hi all,
> 	If I have a linux server running samba for filesharing and I use NFS to
> make these shares available on another linux server that also runs samba
> to share the same shares will the locking still work properly?
> I can use this to get around an issue with multiple authentication
> domains and I suspect NFS is less chatty than SMB anyway so will mean a
> peformance win as well across the WAN.
> Can you see any other problems with this setup?
> TIA,
> Greg

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