[Samba] File Locked

Michael St. Laurent mikes at hartwellcorp.com
Tue Sep 19 15:36:18 GMT 2006

When this happens with our NAS I log into it and grep the output of the
smbstatus command looking for the filename.  That gives the PID of the
process with the file lock.  Then I grep the output of smbstatus looking for
the PID and that tells you which user has the file open.

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I've got a Word document on a Samba share that I can't rename, overwrite or
open. Attempting to rename it gives: Cannot rename Filename: There has been
a sharing violation.

Attempting to open it gives: Filename.doc is locked for editing by 'another

This is on a NAS box so I can't say which Samba version it is.

There are no temporary files in the share to show who might have this file
open. If I create a file in this share as the same owner, it gets the same
ACL but I can edit it.

Does anyone have any advice for how I might troubleshoot this? If it *is*
opened by another user how can you determine who it is? If not, how can the
problem be fixed.

(I appreciate that this is probably a Windows SMB rather than Samba problem
but with Windows I can see who has what open in Server Manager).

Thanks in advance for any help


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