[Samba] looking for good DFS implementation advice

David Bear David.Bear at asu.edu
Thu Sep 14 17:20:18 GMT 2006

I have read through some of the info on using dfs roots and I am
needing some advice. Since a unc is still \\servername\ based it
occurs to me that the only way to do this properly is to create a
smb.conf file that publishes a netbios name like \\dfsroot -- Then, to
create a failover system, I would take that config file and copy it
around to multiple samba server. Then, have some kind of watch or
heartbeat like monitor (that would only monitor where the name and
services called \\dfsroot was still alive and responding) that would
wait untill \\dfsroot no longer responded (where ever it was). Then,
if \\dfsroot failed to respond, it new \\dfsroot smbserver would be
launched to take over. 

Conceptually, the smb service that is known as \\dfsroot really is
just a 'share directory service'. It doesn't have to have any other
shares that it serves. It could be guest readable.

Is this a close approximation to the way it works?

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