[Samba] group membership issue?

Henrik Hudson lists at rhavenn.net
Tue Sep 12 17:19:07 GMT 2006

On Monday 11 September 2006 16:29, Henrik Hudson <lists at rhavenn.net> sent a 
missive stating: 
> Hey List-
> running samba 3.0.23b

As a follow up to myself. I narrowed it down to this:

On the PDC I can do:    id -Gn userB     and it shows that the user is in the 
correct group and has the correct effective permissions.

On the member server, I do:  id -Gn userB     and it tells me the effective 
group of the user is none  This is actually happening for 2 users and I'm at 
a lost to explain this. All my wbinfo -u / -g ,etc.. show the users to be 
part of the group, yet their effective permissions are showing them as none.

As far as I am aware I only need to add users to /etc/group in order to add 
them to a "NT group", right? As long as that group is mapped of course and it 
is, since the 10 other people have no issue.

How to solve this?

> I have an issue with a single member of a group not being able to get write
> access to a share that all the other members have access to. I have checked
> the file permissions and they look good to me. Any thoughts on where to
> look or solve this? Below is some info.
> net rpc group members ecwusers:
> ECW\usera
> ECW\userb
> etc....
> permissions of  /data/www/webroot/files :
> nobody:ECW\ecwusers   and 775
> If I manually create a sub-folder and own it to: ECW\userb:nobody then
> userb can work inside that sub-folder just fine. However, WCW\userb can't
> do anything in the base folder. I'm kinda stuck. I've verified he exists in
> the group and other users in the group have no problem???
> Thanks.
> Henrik
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