[Samba] group membership issue?

Henrik Hudson lists at rhavenn.net
Mon Sep 11 21:29:16 GMT 2006

Hey List-

running samba 3.0.23b

I have an issue with a single member of a group not being able to get write 
access to a share that all the other members have access to. I have checked 
the file permissions and they look good to me. Any thoughts on where to look 
or solve this? Below is some info.

share portion of smb.cnf:
path = /data/www/webroot
writeable = yes
create mode = 6775
force create mode = 6775
directory mode = 6775
force directory mode = 6775
valid users = @ECW\ecwusers
admin users = @ECW\ecwadmins

net rpc group members ecwusers:

permissions of  /data/www/webroot/files :
nobody:ECW\ecwusers   and 775

If I manually create a sub-folder and own it to: ECW\userb:nobody then userb 
can work inside that sub-folder just fine. However, WCW\userb can't do 
anything in the base folder. I'm kinda stuck. I've verified he exists in the 
group and other users in the group have no problem???


Henrik Hudson
lists at rhavenn.net
"God, root, what is difference?" Pitr; UF (http://www.userfriendly.org/)

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