[Samba] Unable to locate Domain Controller

Dr. Dilip Ranganathan dilip at physics.iitd.ernet.in
Fri Sep 8 15:13:45 GMT 2006

> he clients are Windows 2000, Windows XP service pack 1 and Windows XP service
> pack 2... However, the problem started when I upgraded to the latest samba
> edition....

please open your smbpasswd file (/etc/samba/smbpasswd) and edit the name of the machine you have added to change case from all capitals to lowercase.

If you now go back and reboot the windows PC you will find it has joined the domain!

This suggestion was made on the list a couple of weeks ago and I find it works very well for me. For some reason from 3.022 on at the time of joining, the name gets set as all caps.


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