[Samba] Mapping all members of an AD group to a single unix username?

Felipe Augusto van de Wiel felipe at paranacidade.org.br
Mon Sep 11 12:32:53 GMT 2006

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On 09/08/2006 09:30 AM, Rory Browne escreveu:
> Hello all

Hi Rory,

> I've tried various permutations in the smbusers file ( referenced by
> username map ), to get all members of a Windows AD group to be able to
> authenticate to a Samba Share, mainly along the lines of DOMAIN\GroupName,
> but I can't figure out a way to get this to work.
> What I need is for any member of the DOMAIN\SambaGroup to authenticate to
> the Samba server as the unix user winuser.

	So, let just me clear a few things:

1) Do you want your users to give the password of winuser? Or do
   you want that the owner of files and directory be 'winuser'?

	I'm asking that, because you could allow the access to
the group and force the user to be 'winuser'.

> Any tips or pointers on this? I've exausted all perumtations I could think
> of in google, and various pages seem to suggest that this can be done, but
> don't say how.

	I hope this helps.

> Rory

	Kind regards,

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