[Samba] Linux as PDC

Miguel Da Silva - Servicio de Informát Miguel Da Silva - Servicio de Informát
Fri Sep 1 20:38:43 GMT 2006

Rob Watkin wrote:
> Hi Robert
> I will post the latest version smb.conf file below. I have followed the
> instructions in http://us4.samba.org/samba/docs/man/Samba-HOWTO-
> Collection/FastStart.html section "Domain Controller" for the most part.
> I have one server (TAU) and one Windows XP client (vm-201). I can get
> vm-201 to join my BC workgroup but not the domain. I am rebooting the XP
> machine and restarting samba on TAU between experiments.
> I have just noticed the following error in the log file which I think is
> at the bottom of all this! When I try to get the XP box to join the BC
> domain it asks for a username and password, I give tom ****** and then
> Windows says
>       "Computer Name Changes" 
>    The following error occurred attempting to join the domain "BC":
>    The user name could not be found.
>        <OK>
> log.smbd
> ===========================================================
> [2006/09/01 14:39:42, 3] smbd/sec_ctx.c:pop_sec_ctx(386)
>   pop_sec_ctx (1001, 100) - sec_ctx_stack_ndx = 0
> useradd: unable to lock password file
> [2006/09/01 14:39:42, 0] rpc_server/srv_samr_nt.c:_samr_create_user
> (2415)
>   _samr_create_user: Running the command `/usr/sbin/useradd -
> s /bin/false/ -d /var/lib/nobody vm-201$' gave 1

It seems that the machine could not be created when trying to join the 

Did you try to create the machine account manually? I mean, typing 
directly in the shell the corresponding commands.

Good luck.

Miguel Da Silva.
Servicio de Informatica.
Facultad de Ciencias.

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