[Samba] Documentation Inconsistency - enable privileges

Roland Hordos rolandhordos at tundraeng.com
Mon Oct 30 18:59:38 GMT 2006


In the 3.0.23c swat documentation, it indicates the default for "enable
privileges" parameter is both yes and no.  Does anyone know what the
actual default is?  Details below - relevant sections in CAPS.

Thank you.

Roland Hordos

enable privileges (G) 

This parameter controls whether or not smbd will honor privileges
assigned to specific SIDs via either net rpc rights or one of the
Windows user and group manager tools. This parameter is DISABLED BY
DEFAULT to prevent members of the Domain Admins group from being able to
assign privileges to users or groups which can then result in certain
smbd operations running as root that would normally run under the
context of the connected user. 
An example of how privileges can be used is to assign the right to join
clients to a Samba controlled domain without providing root access to
the server via smbd.
Please read the extended description provided in the Samba
DEFAULT: enable privileges = yes

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