[Samba] problem's from Rehat to OSX

jordan halsey jhalsey at liquidad.com
Mon Oct 30 18:05:37 GMT 2006

I am a Samba newbie but I have a samba server running and connect to my 
established shared directories with My PC no problem but with the other 
people in the office that use Macs with OSX 10.4.8 I am having the 
following problem that I cannot figure out

On the Mac side the user can connect their home directory on the Linux 
Server (RedHat Enterprise 3.+ HP Proliant) that matches their user name 
and password that they are using on the Mac no problem but as soon as 
try to connect to any other of the shared directories it just errors 
out. It is not a security issue as I have them read|write|execute 
enabled and have the them listed in the smb.conf files like this

path = /root/projects
read only = no
guest = ok

Thanks for any pointers.


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