[Samba] Suse Linux Enterprise 10 and Samba PDC

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Sat Oct 28 21:53:31 GMT 2006

> I have SLES 10 running (after much searching, reloading, and trial and
> error) a Samba PDC with LDAP.
> I have tried to use the many Samba as PDC documents out there, but none
> seemed to work.
> I even tried one from the Suse Site geared for SLES 10, no luck.

There is nothing specific about Samba on any given distribution.

> I ended up using Yast2 to configure the server and get it running.  It is
> accepting workstations, and user connections with one problem
> They are all "users".  I found that I can add domain users to the "Power
> Users" group of the workstation, and that works fine, but
> I have read that you can add groups to the domain, but so far, everything I
> have read and tried to do this has failed.

"net groupmap", this is very well documented.  You create UNIX groups
and map them as domain groups.  This is certainly covered in the Samba

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