[Samba] Suse Linux Enterprise 10 and Samba PDC

Randy Cleveland rcleveland at gmail.com
Thu Oct 26 21:24:06 GMT 2006


I have SLES 10 running (after much searching, reloading, and trial and
error) a Samba PDC with LDAP.

I have tried to use the many Samba as PDC documents out there, but none
seemed to work.

I even tried one from the Suse Site geared for SLES 10, no luck.

I ended up using Yast2 to configure the server and get it running.  It is
accepting workstations, and user connections with one problem.

They are all "users".  I found that I can add domain users to the "Power
Users" group of the workstation, and that works fine, but
I have read that you can add groups to the domain, but so far, everything I
have read and tried to do this has failed.

I would like to add some domain groups (ie "Domain Users", Domain Admins")
so I can just place users in and out of those groups without
having to do a lot of work on the workstaions every time some one comes or

I tried to use the smbldap-tools to create the groups, but I have never
gotten it to work properly.

I am always getting strange messages from these scripts, and searches for
the errors didn't produce any usefull information.

Is there a way (or pluging for yast) that will allow the addition of domain
groups in Yast2?

I tried adding groups in the LDAP Groups, but it will not show them on the
Samba side.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.



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