[Samba] Adding FreeBSD Samba Server to windows 2003 ADS

Alberto Moreno portsbsd at gmail.com
Fri Oct 27 06:50:42 GMT 2006

2006/3/29, Guillermo Gutierrez <ggutierrez at marketscan.com>:
> Hi, I am trying to add a FreeBSD 6.0 Samba Server to a windows 2003 ADS
> domain and utilize winbind/kerberos for authenticating domain users on it.
> I have already done this with a Gentoo Samba server (which after I
> realized how, turned out to be very easy) but it is a lot tougher to do with
> FreeBSD.
> Has anyone on the list had any experience with it. The samba in the
> FreeBSD ports is version 3.0.14a but I downloaded the source for 3.0.21cso that I can use the latest version.
> thanks,
> Guillermo Gutierrez
> Development Systems Engineer
> Market Scan Information Systems Inc.
> (818) 575-2000 x2427
> ggutierrez at marketscan.com
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HI Guillermo, im working on this, but i see that this post is from march,
just want to know if you succed with this? Did have some tips about this
situation? Is your system stable? May you show me your settings?

I already installed samba on freebsd 6-1 from ports with ADS support,
tomorrow i will try to add that machine to win2k3 AD domain, but  my doubt
is with the kerberos version that has freebsd by default, can we use that

We can enable krb5 from rc.conf, but we need all the optios there?

# kerberos. Do not run the admin daemons on slave servers

kerberos5_server_enable="NO" # Run a kerberos 5 master server (or NO).
kerberos5_server="/usr/libexec/kdc" # path to kerberos 5 KDC
kerberos5_server_flags="" # Additional flags to the kerberos 5 server
kadmind5_server_enable="NO" # Run kadmind (or NO)
kadmind5_server="/usr/libexec/kadmind" # path to kerberos 5 admin daemon
kpasswdd_server_enable="NO" # Run kpasswdd (or NO)
kpasswdd_server="/usr/libexec/kpasswdd" # path to kerberos 5 passwd daemon

 Which options i need for this job..?

Im really starting working with samba, but the kerberos stuff is some
confused, thanks for your time!!!

LIving the dream...

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