[Samba] Freebsd 6.1 and Kerberos in rc.conf

Alberto Moreno portsbsd at gmail.com
Fri Oct 27 07:11:43 GMT 2006

  Hi people.

  Im reading the samba manual to join my freebsd box with to an win2k3 AD
Domain, i install samba from ports with support for AD, already check that
my samba program has been build with support for kerberos, ldap and all the
stuff the manual recommended, now about kerberos, we have some stuff in

# kerberos. Do not run the admin daemons on slave servers

kerberos5_server_enable="NO" # Run a kerberos 5 master server (or NO).

kerberos5_server="/usr/libexec/kdc" # path to kerberos 5 KDC

kerberos5_server_flags="" # Additional flags to the kerberos 5 server

kadmind5_server_enable="NO" # Run kadmind (or NO)

kadmind5_server="/usr/libexec/kadmind" # path to kerberos 5 admin daemon

kpasswdd_server_enable="NO" # Run kpasswdd (or NO)

kpasswdd_server="/usr/libexec/kpasswdd" # path to kerberos 5 passwd daemon

 Which options we neen to enable...?

 There is something extra that we need to do with kerberos before i try to
join this machine..?

 Another thing, there is one var in smb.conf that ask for a wins server, my
domain doesnt have any wins server, do i need this var...?

 Any tip will be apreciated, thanks for your time!!!

LIving the dream...

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