[Samba] Joining ADS with 3.0.23a-c

Mattias Larsson sparhawk at beyond.nu
Wed Oct 25 15:43:10 GMT 2006

Hello there.

We are having some problems joining our Solaris machines to out AD
after moving up to 3.0.23 of Samba.

It's probably not a bugg but more in the line of not knowing how,
I have tried to search for a answer to this but have not found anything yet.

All our samba-based machines are stored in
in AD where our group has write access, in the old days prior to 3.0.23 this
was no problem
"net ads join "Default/MemberServers/CentralServers/Samba"" did the trick,
now it only yields "Bad Option:".

I found the change in a cvs-diff somewhere on the net but reading the
didn't help me much, I'm no programmer and couldn't figure out how I should
the command to make it work.

Does anyone know how this is working these days?

// Mattias

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