[Samba] Re: Can't access to share disk by XP pro neighboring with samba 2.2.12

Felipe Augusto van de Wiel felipe at paranacidade.org.br
Wed Oct 25 14:47:18 GMT 2006

On 10/10/2006 06:57 AM, ssnoopy at club-internet.fr escreveu:
> Hello !
> thanks you very must for your response.
> If I uses : 'security =share', the neighboring in XP pro do not work,
> and by mounting a network drive, I have a dialog box asked
> login/password but I can not access it.

	Having 'security = share' should give you the impression
of having a Win9X on your network. I don't know how WinXP reacts
to that, but it should work quite well.

> An idea for this problem ?

	No, without the logs it is really hard to understand
what is going on. If you want a public writeable directory,
it should be one of the easiest configurations of Samba. Maybe
you should read the Samba by Example and the first steps of
Samba Official HOWTO to get in line exactly what you want and
how you want.

> I forget to notice that my old smb.conf run well with 2000 Pro and XP
> Home.

	What changed from your old smb.conf? And why the changes?

> I knows that using the guest account mapped to root user. But is it a
> real problem to a good use of samba server ? I want only use a
> experimental network, so...

	So... you still should do the "Right Thing (tm)" and do not
map the root as a guest user. :-)

> Best regards

	Kind regards,

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