[Samba] trouble with samba access and groups

Bert van de Grift bert at vdgrift.org
Sun Oct 22 09:50:47 GMT 2006

On Thu, Oct 19, 2006 at 10:36:32AM +0200, Anine Swart wrote:
> I'm running FreeBSD 4.6 release and Samba 2.2.4_1.

> Recently I've been having trouble managing access rights on my shared
> directories.

> scenario:
> I have a shared directory "bluesky" which sits in path /fileserv/bluesky
> directory bluesky has a mode of drwxrwx---
> the owner of the directory is john and the group is bluesky
> group bluesky has members: john, jack, jenny, jake

> my samba shared directory looks like this:

> [bluesky]
>         create mode = 770
>         directory mode = 770
>         valid users = john, jack, jenny, jake, at bluesky
>         comment = Blue Sky Directory
>         path = /fileserv/bluesky
>         writeable = yes

> user john (who is the owner) is able to gain full access to the directory.
> none of the members of the the group bluesky is not even able to access the
> directory

> what am I doing wrong?
> is it possible that my version of freebsd or samba only recognises a limited
> amount of groups? I've never had this problem before!

Did you check the owner - group - permissions for the /fileserv directory?

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