[Samba] trouble with samba access and groups

Anine Swart aswart at trafmon.co.za
Thu Oct 19 08:36:32 GMT 2006

I'm running FreeBSD 4.6 release and Samba 2.2.4_1.
Recently I've been having trouble managing access rights on my shared
I have a shared directory "bluesky" which sits in path /fileserv/bluesky
directory bluesky has a mode of drwxrwx---
the owner of the directory is john and the group is bluesky
group bluesky has members: john, jack, jenny, jake
my samba shared directory looks like this:
        create mode = 770
        directory mode = 770
        valid users = john, jack, jenny, jake, at bluesky
        comment = Blue Sky Directory
        path = /fileserv/bluesky
        writeable = yes
user john (who is the owner) is able to gain full access to the directory.
none of the members of the the group bluesky is not even able to access the
what am I doing wrong?
is it possible that my version of freebsd or samba only recognises a limited
amount of groups? I've never had this problem before!



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