[Samba] Re: Migration NT4 domain to Samba/LDAP howto

Veronica Hill veronica.hill at optusnet.com.au
Wed Oct 18 12:56:30 GMT 2006

On 18 Oct 2006, at 22:28, Paul van Noort wrote:

> Thanks for the help.. I got some reading matter for the upcoming fall
> holiday ;-)
> Questions so far that come to mind are:
> My current Windows 2003 server must stay! It is the Application 
> server: can
> Samba act as a PDC with this machine in its domain? Or will win2003 
> try to
> take over. It is just a member server.. Not a BDC.

It can be a domain member server in a samba domain.  Remember that the 
samba domain is an NT4 style one

> Can i map the current users on my NT domain to LDAP users on my LDAP
> directory. These users have an a-mail account and password in place! 
> Will
> this cause headaches?

Possibly although this will be quite a project for you.  You may not be 
able to use the generic smbldap scripts to vampire the users out of 
your old NT4 domain.  I would suggest taking a copy of your ldap 
databases and then running a vampire to a brand new server with it 
being set up as a master ldap server.  It may be that the smbldap-tools 
will add the relevant samba parts to your already existing ldap users, 
as long as the ldap users have the same usernames as your nt4 

Bye Veronica

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