[Samba] Failed to set servicePrincipalNames 3.023rc3

Eilts, Hinrich hinrich.eilts at siemens.com
Thu Oct 5 09:23:12 GMT 2006

Hello Jerry,

I would like to add one point I struggled regarding this error message:

Using short domain name -- NELNET
Failed to set servicePrincipalNames. Please ensure that
the DNS domain of this server matches the AD domain,
Or rejoin with using Domain Admin credentials.
Disabled account for 'NELNET' in realm 'NELNET.DE'

But anything looked correct, e.g. "hostname" echoed the FQDN of samba host (vdr.nelnet.de) and "ping" from Win2003 echoed the FQDN of samba host.

The error was in /etc/hosts, which was automatically created by Debian (I do not know the version, because there was a lot of upgrades since first installation). It contained a line vdr

Changeing it to vdr.nelnet.de vdr

solved the issue.

Best reagards

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