[Samba] Re: wins.dat file

Hoggins! hoggins at wheres5.com
Sat Oct 7 18:14:55 GMT 2006

Scott Mecham a écrit :
> I have stopped nmbd and cleared out the wins.dat file. Then put only 
> this entry in:
> "PCRITSMB#03" 0 66R
> When I start up nmbd it gets populated and the host PCRITSMB get 
> assigned, instead of what it really is at
> This host is also the samba and WINS server.
> The problem also started yesterday as we made a change to it's ip 
> address. It used to be 102 but now it's 101. So how/why would it revert 
> back to the old ip as far as WINS is concerned?
> Scott Mecham wrote:
>> In the cached wins.dat file I'm noticing that it's caching the wrong 
>> ip for a hostname. We are using WINS not dns. So we can't ping the 
>> host by name, just by ip address only. Is there a way to clear this 
>> cache? Or what else on a network could be causing this?


I had the same problem, and solved it like this :
- stop your samba server
- locate all the file that are in the same directory as wins.dat 
(usually /var/cache/samba) and delete them. You might want to make 
backup copies of them before doing this.
- restart your samba server.

All the erased files are automatically created, and the data is accurate.


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