[Samba] wins.dat file

Scott Mecham icedutah at comcast.net
Wed Oct 4 20:28:00 GMT 2006

I have stopped nmbd and cleared out the wins.dat file. Then put only 
this entry in:
"PCRITSMB#03" 0 66R

When I start up nmbd it gets populated and the host PCRITSMB get 
assigned, instead of what it really is at

This host is also the samba and WINS server.

The problem also started yesterday as we made a change to it's ip 
address. It used to be 102 but now it's 101. So how/why would it revert 
back to the old ip as far as WINS is concerned?

Scott Mecham wrote:
> In the cached wins.dat file I'm noticing that it's caching the wrong 
> ip for a hostname. We are using WINS not dns. So we can't ping the 
> host by name, just by ip address only. Is there a way to clear this 
> cache? Or what else on a network could be causing this?

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