[Samba] PDC as wins server

Aravinda Guzzar aguzzar at gmail.com
Wed Oct 4 17:58:49 GMT 2006


>>>We have a Samba server which acts mainly as file server, but we want it
>>>resolve host names for local machines. I have written some IP-hostname
>>>both in /etc/hosts and /etc/samba/lmhosts, and I have "wins support =
>>>in smb.conf, but then from a Windows client I try to ping one of those
>>>and it can't resolve the address.

I don't think samba is designed to do the job of WINS/DNS which basically
resolves the IP-hostname.

The "/etc/hosts", "/etc/samba/lmhosts" and "wins support is basically for
host operating system or for samba. I don't think you can get the hostname
resolved through these entries from the client. The wins support options
enables the host system to register itself in the WINS server.

For client to resolve the IP-hostname you can either use WINS, DNS or edit
the file
enter the IP and hostname in windows client and reload it ( i have forgotten
the actual command to reload/purge).

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