[Samba] Duplicate Icons on Desktop after Upgrade

Cleber P. de Souza cleberps at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 13:36:34 GMT 2006

hi Jeff,
I've encountered the same behavior some time ago.
The problem was that the local profile in 'c:\documents and
settings\username\Desktop' had the same files.
Delete the local Desktop folder from the profile because the files are
also there.

On 11/28/06, Jeff Ross <jross at wykids.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm recently upgraded to samba-3.0.23d from 3.0.21 on an OpenBSD 4.0
> server.  I'm using folder redirection to redirect the Application Data,
> Desktop, My Documents, and Favorites folders off to /profiles/username
> on the server.  Two users now have duplicate file icons on their
> desktops.  For example, if there is a file named test.doc in the
> /profiles/username/Desktop directory on the server, their desktop will
> actually display two icons for the file.  The properties on either icon
> show its location to be \\SAMBA\profiles\username\Desktop, and deleting
> one of the icons will make the other also go away when the desktop is
> refreshed.
> For one user I've also switched from roaming profiles to a local profile
> but that hasn't made a difference.
> The My Documents folder does not display this double icon problem when I
> open the folder, so I don't think the problem is specific to folder
> redirection.
> I didn't have any luck finding anything about this problem on Google, so
> any insights would be greatly appreciated.
> My smb.conf file hasn't changed since the upgrade.  It is available at
> http://www.openvistas.net/smb.conf
> Thanks,
> Jeff Ross
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Cleber P. de Souza

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