[Samba] Duplicate Icons on Desktop after Upgrade

Jeff Ross jross at wykids.org
Tue Nov 28 15:47:47 GMT 2006


I'm recently upgraded to samba-3.0.23d from 3.0.21 on an OpenBSD 4.0 
server.  I'm using folder redirection to redirect the Application Data, 
Desktop, My Documents, and Favorites folders off to /profiles/username 
on the server.  Two users now have duplicate file icons on their 
desktops.  For example, if there is a file named test.doc in the 
/profiles/username/Desktop directory on the server, their desktop will 
actually display two icons for the file.  The properties on either icon 
show its location to be \\SAMBA\profiles\username\Desktop, and deleting 
one of the icons will make the other also go away when the desktop is 

For one user I've also switched from roaming profiles to a local profile 
but that hasn't made a difference.

The My Documents folder does not display this double icon problem when I 
open the folder, so I don't think the problem is specific to folder 

I didn't have any luck finding anything about this problem on Google, so 
any insights would be greatly appreciated.

My smb.conf file hasn't changed since the upgrade.  It is available at 


Jeff Ross

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