[Samba] Disconnected network drive

Tarcizo Azevedo tarcizo.asterisk at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 11:10:15 GMT 2006

I have the same trouble....
Already tried deadtime and other options.....

If someone can help us.


 Abrahams wrote:
> I have a couple of Linux directories that are being exported via Samba running 
> under SuSE 10.0.  On the Windows side, each of them is assigned a (mapped) 
> drive letter.  In the "My Computer" list they initially show up as 
> "Disconnected Network Drive".  If I attempt to access a file within one of 
> them, the access fails with an indication that the drive does not exist.  
> (For example, if the drive letter is H:, doing "H:" from a C> prompt gives 
> that message.)   However, if in Windows I click on the drive, I get to see 
> its contents and the status changes to "Network Drive".  At that point the 
> drive contents become available to my Windows applications.
> I get this behavior on three different machines, all running Windows XP.  In 
> the Windows drive mapping, I've checked the "Reconnect at Logon" box, but 
> that makes no difference.
> I'm guessing that the problem is on the Linux side since each Windows machine 
> can access exported directories from other Windows machines without any 
> difficulty.  It's only the drives exported from Linux that have the problem.
> I can of course work around the problem by opening up My Computer when I start 
> the Windows machine and clicking on the drive in question, but that should 
> not be necessary.
> Is this a known problem?  Is there a workaround or a fix?
> Paul

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