[Samba] suggestion: hide Unix UGO permissions when mode is 0

James A. Dinkel jdinkel at bucoks.com
Tue Nov 28 19:14:31 GMT 2006

I had been thinking this would be a good idea, but figured if it could
be easily done, then it would be done already.  Then I came across this


which has this to say:



The mapping between POSIX and Windows ACLs described here is found in
this form in the SuSE and the UnitedLinux products, while the official
version of Samba has not yet integrated all the improvements recently


*	Minimal POSIX ACLs consist of three ACL entries defining the
permissions for the owner, owning group, and others. These entries are
required. Windows ACLs may contain any number of entries including zero.
If one of the POSIX ACL entries contains no permissions and omitting the
entry does not result in a loss of information, the entry is hidden from
Windows clients. If a Windows client sets an ACL in which required
entries are missing, the permissions of that entry are cleared in the
corresponding POSIX ACL.



So if it has already been done in Suse, why hasn't this been implemented
upstream?  This article is 3 years old and this seems like a good idea
to me.


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