[Samba] joining windows machines to samba 3.023c + openldap 2.3.11

Pablo Chamorro C. pchamorro at ingeominas.gov.co
Tue Nov 28 05:32:08 GMT 2006

I was trying to join a windows xp machine to a new domain's PDC setuped 
with samba 3.0.23c and openldap 2.3.11 as backend but I noted that 
only the posix acount part is created, not the sambaSamAccount:

[root]# pdbedit -a -m -u sistemas-33$ -d10
-- snip --
error: Object class violation (object class 'sambaSamAccount' requires 
attribute 'sambaSID')
-- snip --

I understand that a samba.schema update is needed in the ldap server.

I already have a working domain with red hat 9.0 PDC + samba 3.0.21c using 
openldap as backend, and now I would like to have a second one but I'm not 
so experienced with openldap+samba.

Could somebody please give some help about the steps to be done in the 
server to allow new windows machines to be added without breaking the 
existant domain?

Thank you very much in advance,


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