[Samba] what OS do you use for Samba?

James A. Dinkel jdinkel at bucoks.com
Mon Nov 27 23:15:47 GMT 2006

At this point, I've decided to go with Ubuntu Server 6.06.  I had tried
out Debian, but the packages are so old and I wasn't sure about messing
with the backports repository.

The partition containing the file share is on a SAN, so if for some
reason I don't like Ubuntu, I can just set up a Debian server (probably
after Etch comes out) and attach the SAN lun to the new server.

Thanks for all your input.  I just wanted to be sure I didn't put
something in place that turned out to have some funky distro-specifi
weirdness that caused problems.  It sounds, though, like at least a few
people are using Ubuntu without any hassles.

James Dinkel
Network Engineer
Butler County of Kansas

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