[Samba] Preference of local or domain profile

Aaron Kincer kincera at gmail.com
Mon Nov 27 21:08:37 GMT 2006

I'm not certain I get what you are saying, but I'll give it a stab.

If your user has a laptop (for example) and the password is changed 
while their PC is not connected, then in order to receive the new domain 
certificate credentials, the user must login to the network. If they 
merely plug it in and recover from hibernation, the credentials will not 
be updated.

In other words, either logout and then back in after connecting to the 
network or reboot. Domain credentials cannot be updated if there is a 
password mismatch form the cached information versus the credentials 
stored in AD.

Does that answer your question?

Aaron Kincer

Douglas Phillipson wrote:
> Douglas Phillipson wrote:
>> With Samba v3.x and WinXP, if there is a local profile on the users 
>> PC when the user logs on while hooked to a Samba DC, should the PC 
>> check for the DC profiles password prior to checking the local 
>> profiles password?  I have a client PC, originally with no local 
>> profile, the user logs in to the Samba domain, his profile is 
>> downloaded to the PC. I have his group policy set so it won't delete 
>> the profile when he logs out so he can remove his PC from the network 
>> and he can still use his domain account and password.  The problem 
>> comes in when his domain password is changed and he re-attaches his 
>> PC to the domain.  The PC appears to use the local profile rather 
>> than the domain for credentials.  I thought if there was a domain 
>> controller that the client PC should ALWAYS prefer the DC to a local 
>> profile.  This occurs as it should with a Windows AD domain, but not 
>> with the Samba domain.  Do I have some settings or policies set 
>> wrong?  I hope I've explained this correctly...
>> Thanks
>> Doug P
> I haven't seen any posts concerning this problem.  Am I explaining my 
> problem sufficiently well?  This isn't a dumb question, is it?
> Thanks
> Doug P

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