[Samba] what OS do you use for Samba?

Martin Sundmacher msundma at linux01.gwdg.de
Tue Nov 21 21:53:02 GMT 2006

James A. Dinkel schrieb:
> From: Martin Sundmacher
>> Hi, we are using Debian since 2 years for Samba with about 200 users. 
>> Yes, it is possible to do automatic Updates with Debian. We are 
>> currently running Samba 3.0.23c in two Domains without any problems. 
>> Version 3.0.23c is currently in 'testing' of Debian. So security updates 
>> will start with the next stable release of Debian.
> Are you using it with Active Directory for authentication?
No, we don't use AD. Samba is running as PDC.
>   Do you
> update to the latest Samba from another place, or have you just been
> using what is in the "stable" repo?
The Server is Debian stable (Sarge), but the Samba-package is from
official Debian testing (Etch). http://packages.debian.org/testing/net/samba
We don't do fully automagic updates with that Server. We are manually
testing on a different System before we update the productive Server.


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