[Samba] question about dcpromo

GATTI Massimo m.gatti at prismaeng.it
Tue Nov 21 17:00:05 GMT 2006


Hy ...


I'm a system engineer using samba 3.0.9 ( rpm -qa | grep smb) on Redhat
ES30 update 5


One year ago , following notes on
http://openskills.info/infobox.php?ID=863 (sorry for Italian language)

i setup Integrating Linux in a domain WinNT/2000 by Winbind.

My 2 domain controller are w2k platform (SERVER A and SERVER B) with 

domain functional level (windows 2000 native)

I can log on my box linux with a Microsoft domain user with syntax

Until now works fine !!!!!!!!!


At thi smoment I've just a simple question


One month ago I installed a remote Windows 2003 server (SERVER C) and
now I'd like to promote it as domain controller by DCPROMO command

and raise functional level of my domain (Mixed mode)


Samba 3.0 support this domain functional level at mixed mode ?

Do you think about I'll have any problems with samba or winbind to
assure correct logon from my box linux ?

I did not find bug or fixes about this argument so can i proceed with my
dcpromo operation ?

Do you have suggestions ?

One more ideas ?


Thx a lot


Massimo Gatti

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